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Hot off the Press: Celebrando Comunidad 2017!

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Are you already thinking about 2017? Maybe you’re trying to decide of a good theme for your personal, work, or family calendar? Are you tired of getting calendars with kittens, flowers, or bridges? Or maybe you’re thinking about a unique gift for a loved one? If so, IFR has something for you!

With our daily struggles, it’s easy to ignore the tremendous beauty around us: the incredible murals on random alleys throughout the Mission, the cooler-than-cool lowriders going up and down 24th Street, the dazzling danzantes dressed in traditional trajes drumming on street corners, and the silk-suited and feather-festooned dance troupes of Carnaval, and many, many more. In fact, it’s comforting to reflect on our vibrant culture, and remember what a blessing it is.

That’s why we thought it would be great to recall that beauty 365 days a year! We have produced our first calendar, and appropriately named it Celebrando Comunidad 2017. The monthly images depict the home-grown cultural beauty we’ve come to love. With incredible images by IFR staffperson and photographer Leslie Sigala, anyone who enjoys the rich beauty of local Chicano/Latino/Indígena culture won’t be disappointed. In fact, as Sigala notes, “It was hard to narrow down the choices to just one photo per month because the community provides so many spectacular scenes.”

Celebrando Comunidad 2017 goes on sale beginning on November 15, at the low cost of $20, including tax. Calendars can be purchased at IFR at 2919 Mission. This is a limited edition, so purchase them early. If you are looking to buy 5 or more calendars, contact Esperanza at to get them delivered directly to you in San Francisco.

Start the New Year off right with Celebrando Comunidad 2017!

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