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Celebration of Mayahuel

The ceremony of Mayahuel, also referred to as la Virgen de los Remedios, is dedicated to healing. Since it is often dedicated to traditional medicinal plants, altares honoring Mayahuel often display maguey and agave plants.

The ceremony honoring Mayahuel is also an opportunity to heal the heart, spirit, mind, and soul. As part of the four directions, it represents the West, the direction of women’s energy. As a result, Mayahuel is a happy celebration of sisterhood. Mayahuel honors the work that women have done to heal our communities. It honors the leadership, teachings, and healing traditions that women have passed on to our children.

As a celebration of healing, Mayahuel also honors the curanderas/curanderos that preserve for us and pass on the traditions and teachings that heal us physically and spiritually.

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