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Meet IFR’s Board and Staff: Tyrone Navarro, Board President

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IFR has been fortunate to have several supporters working behind the scenes to sustain the organization. IFR’s Board President Tyrone Navarro has been among the agency’s most steadfast supporter. Joining IFR’s Board of directors in 2007, he has served as treasurer, Vice President, Co-President, and currently as President.

Tyrone had long been engaged in the Latino community before becoming active at IFR. “I knew the past Executive Director, Dr. Concha Saucedo Martinez, and attended several events she hosted, and I also knew board members from that time. I also knew Estela (IFR’s Executive Director) through my work at Mission Mental Health.”

When asked what drew him to IFR, Tyrone’s passion is immediately evident. “When I was introduced to IFR, I immediately fell in love with the organization and its values. I also appreciated IFR’s strong reputation within the Chicano/Latino community of San Francisco. I immediately wanted to be part of it.”

Since then, Tyrone has seen IFR’s programs change and grow to meet increased community needs. In fact, when Tyrone first came onto the Board, IFR had about 50 employees in one location. Today, IFR employs nearly 100 people at 3 different sites, and serves in 40 schools, community organizations, and public agencies throughout San Francisco. Tyrone’s active participation and support was invaluable in helping IFR reach these goals.

Today, Tyrone recognizes IFR’s new challenges. Like changing and increased community needs, IFR also has new challenges of its own. Space at IFR has grown scarce. Safely accommodating 100 staff, providing sufficient room for numerous individual clients, small groups, larger interventions, and community events is an ongoing challenge. Utilizing his leadership as Board President, Tyrone is dedicated to finding a second home for IFR while pushing forward the agency’s other goals: “I see us moving forward in the next 2 to 4 years with the acquisition of a new building. I’m also optimistic that IFR will serve as a beacon employer within the behavioral health/nonprofit community to attract and retain employees at higher than average total compensation.”

IFR is fortunate to have Tyrone’s dedication and commitment. We know the sacrifices board members make as volunteers. We know they have lives of their own, but choose to give back to the community in ways the community often never hears about. We wanted you to get a peek at one person whose service to IFR has been instrumental over the years.

I feel engaged in what IFR does on a day in/day out/year in, year out basis for what IFR represents to our community: hope. I believe IFR also represents hope, not just to our community, but to all underserved communities of color. We reflect a model that has served the community for over three decades. Being connected to IFR helps feed my optimism for life, and gives me hope and connection to the Chicano/Latino community.”

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