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La Cultura Cura

La Cultura Cura offers youth positive alternatives to violence and incarceration through a range of services and cultural arts activities including intensive case management, court advocacy, mental health services and innovative arts programming. La Cultura Cura is noted for providing critical programming for monolingual Spanish-speaking and multicultural Latino youth and their families.

Youth drumming session

La Cultura Cura drumming session

La Cultura Cura was established in 2000 as part of a greater vision in the Mission District to create healthy alternatives for at-risk youth. Program staff works in the community, schools, and through the courts to ensure that youth and their parents receive the advocacy and intervention services they need.

La Cultura Cura’s programs and services focus on the experience facing Chicano/Latino youth in San Francisco. The goal of La Cultura Cura is to have a positive, lasting impact on the lives of our young clients so that they may positively impact the health and wellness of the Chicano/Latino community of which they are a part. Through a combination of services and innovative cultural arts programming, staff of La Cultura Cura develop meaningful and consistent relationships with youth to expand their life skills, reinforce positive cultural identity, and motivate them to make positive contributions to their community.

La Cultura Cura provides a continuum of programs and services for Chicano/Latino youth ranging from trauma recovery and healing services to youth development in order to promote their resilience as productive members of their families and community.

La Cultura Cura

La Cultura Cura services are based on different eligibility criteria’s that is determined through the referral process. To access LCC services, please complete referral form and fax to our client intake specialist.

Download referral form here.

La Cultura Cura provides the following services for youth:

Individual Services

  • Intensive Supervision and Clinical Services (ISCS):These services are provided to youth who have been post-adjudicated and have been referred by their carrying probation officer or have been court-mandated by a judge. Services include clinical case management for youth and their families, curfew monitoring, and up to three weekly visits at home, school or in the community, individual therapy, and access to family therapy to ensure compliance with court mandates and adherence to probation conditions. ISCS Case Managers and Clinicians work in partnership with the Juvenile Probation department staff and with families to assist with probation compliance in an effort to reduce the recidivism rates of Latino youth in the system. Pre-adjudicated youth that have some level of contact with the Juvenile Justice System (JJS) or are at high risk for contact with the JJS may be referred by a community partner such as CARC or an Intake Probation Officer. Participants in this service have access to Mental Health and Clinical Case Management support to intervene in the escalation of behaviors that could lead to formal involvement with the JJS.
  • Mural at front desk of IFR

  • Trauma Recovery and Healing Services (TR&HS): This service provides short to long term (3 up to 12 months) mental health counseling for individuals directly impacted by violence in their community or those who are at-risk of becoming victims or perpetrators. Eligible participants are families with youth between the ages of 12-24. Services consist of individual therapy, debriefing following a violent/traumatic event, and crisis response 24 hours after a qualifying event in an effort to disrupt the escalation of incidents. Consultation services are also offered to community providers given needs and agreement with identified community providers. Preventive psycho-educational/support groups for parents and youth may also be available. Peer counseling support services are also provided to the siblings of those impacted by violence. Services are provided at IFR, off-site at SFUSD schools, and collaborative partner agencies to ensure accessibility to participants with safety concerns. Available Mon.-Fri., 9am to 7pm by appointment.
  • Semillas de Paz: A venue-based mobile treatment and triage team created to respond to youth with acute behavioral treatment needs providing Case Management and Mental Health Services. The program provides access to treatment through venue-based outreach and on-site group programming support at schools, youth centers, and other locations. The Semillas team is part of the City’s Mobile Treatment teams tasked with decreasing the overutilization of hospitals and medical facilities to address Mental Health Treatment needs after a Crisis that leads to hospitalization or 5150 hold. This program has a primary focus on serving youth and young adults impacted by varying levels of trauma as a result of violence due to street affiliation, intimate partner, and bullying. The Semillas team emphasizes service to recently arrived immigrant youth, specifically Unaccompanied Minors. Services focus on addressing the service gaps to serve the recent surge in minors arriving to the City including ensuring that there is access to treatment, legal, and educational support services for this highly traumatized and vulnerable population. Services are provided at IFR, off-site at SFUSD schools, and collaborative partner agencies to ensure accessibility to participants with safety concerns. Available Mon.-Fri., 9am to 7pm by appointment. Family First Referred client will be on formal probation with the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department and will soon be released from custody (YGC, Log Cabin Ranch, group home, etc) and be reunified with their family/community. Client will be referred through their probation officer or AIIM Higher clinician. (There is no age range as long as they are involved with SFJPD).
  • Roadmap to Peace: La Cultura Cura provides Case Management services to 13-24 year old Latino/a referred through the Roadmap to Peace Initiative. Referred youth have typically been a victim of a crime or perpetrated a criminal offense, or are disconnected from needed services. Case Manager assesses strengths and needs for services through comprehensive psycho-social assessment, development of care plan, regular contact with participant, advocacy to advance care plan goals, coordination of case conferencing, and referrals to services within the RTP network to ensure youth receive the best combination of the highest quality of service possible. Youth receive on average 38 hours of intensive and/or restorative care management; frequency of services depends on needs.
  • Violence Prevention Case Management Services: La Cultura Cura provides Intensive and Restorative Case Management services to 12-24 year old Latino youth city-wide with an emphasis on serving any at-risk youth in the Mission District. Services include referral, assessment, and linkage in addition to individualized care planning to advance participant goals. Through the case management program we provide access to a wide range of activities including informational workshops, assistance with referrals to educational and vocational placement, immigration resources, primary care, and mental health services. Services are provided at IFR, off-site at SFUSD schools, and collaborative partner agencies to ensure accessibility to participants with safety concerns. Available Mon.-Fri., 9am to 7pm by appointment.

    School-Based Groups

    • Latinas Unidas/United Latinas: This leadership development program is tailored to address the unique needs of young Latinas in San Francisco. The program focuses on reducing risk factors and increasing the self-esteem and leadership of youth participants. For more details please contact Instituto Familiar de La Raza at 415-229-0500 and ask to speak to the La Cultura Cura program case manager. (See time and date information under the Program Activities tab).
    • Semillas Group: Semillas group focuses on addressing the needs of youth that recently arrived from Latin America. The group provides youth with the tools needed to navigate a new culture, assists with guidance on accessing community resources, helps build community and teaches youth techniques to help them cope with stress and culture shock. For more details please contact Instituto Familiar de La Raza at 415-229-0500 and ask to speak to the La Cultura Cura program case manager. (See time and date information under the Program Activities tab).

    Periodical Groups

    • Trauma-Informed Psycho-education Workshops: Culturally and socially relevant workshops intended to address the impacts of community, interpersonal, and migration trauma for families that have recently reunified. This psycho-education group for teens and parents will be provided to avail families of the various ways that trauma manifests itself in individuals and families, identify triggers, develop coping mechanisms, and provide resources to support individual needs. Families with an identified and eligible teen must commit to participate in both sessions in order to complete the program and receive a stipend for their participation. Psycho-education workshops are offered periodically throughout the year and eligibility is based on Contract Criteria.

La Cultura Cura provides school-based support groups for students enrolled in different high schools throughout the San Francisco Unified School District. The high school-based programs are intended for high school students only, and eligibility is determined through the group facilitators. Other services for youth and families are provided on a referral basis. To see a description of the activities listed below, and a full description of available services click in the Program Services tab.

Activities in July & August

  • Wednesday, July 5 “De Donde Vienes a Donde Vas?”:4:30-7:00
  • Tuesday, July 11 “Baking”:2:30-5:00
  • Wednesday, July 12 “De Donde Vienes a Donde Vas?”:4:30-7:00
  • Tuesday, July 18 “CATS Event”:2:30-5:00
  • Tuesday, July 25 “Mural Workshop”:2:30-5:00
  • Tuesday, August 1 “Drumming”:2:30-5:00
  • Tuesday, August 8 “Barbecue”:2:30-5:00

Groups are for registered La Cultura Cura participants only. If you would like more information about enrollment please contact Judy Cavazos at 415-229-0519.

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