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Welcome to Instituto!

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IFR is about providing Chicanos/Latinos with access to essential health and wellness programs and services. Our clients over the past 34 years tell us that we continue to succeed in fulfilling this mission. Despite the changing times and the new challenges we all face, this remains the guiding vision of the staff and board of IFR.

Still, we seek to offer more through our new website.

I’m reminded of an acquaintance who mentioned to me that she’d heard good things about Instituto for many years, but had never visited. That’s been the case for many supporters who have never had reason to participate in our programs or utilize our services. Even if you’d never been a client, we believe our community wants to know what we do. And like our clients, we hope you’ll agree that we’re doing all we can to fulfill a critical mission.

Whether you’re a client, supporter, or interested member of the community, I invite you to read through the various pages of our website. Even if you’ve never come through our doors, I think it will give you a hint of the way we integrate culturally integrated practices into our programs and services to promote the health and empowerment of the Chicano/Latino community.

Hasta pronto,

Estela Garcia, DMH
Executive Director

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